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General Resources:

Critical Reading/Writing Site
  Literary Terms
  Reading Poetry Site 
  Reference Resource

British Romanticism:

Romantic Circles 
Romantics Unbound 
Romanticism on the Net 
British Women Writers 
Web Resources for Longman Text 

Feminism and Women's Writing:

Mary Wollstonecraft Q's
Mellor Essay Quotes 

Dorothy Wordsworth Q's 

Jane Austen
Emma Q's 

  Research Paper Resources:
Library Resource Tools Page 
Lit. Resource Center (on-campus) 
ResearchPort (for off-campus access) 
MLA Style 
Research Paper Hints and Topics

Lord Byron
Childe Harold Q's
Shorter Poems 
Don Juan Q's
See Dedication

Percy Shelley
HW/Discussion Questions 
Prometheus Unbound Questions

Felicia Hemans 
Discussion Questions 

Mary Shelley

HW/Discussion Questions :
Vol. I
Vol. II
Vol. III

The Last Man 

John Keats
HW/Discussion Q's 


Other Writers/Works to Consider (Pages #s refer to 3rd Ed.):

Wm. Wordsworth 
Prelude Q's 
Some Notes 

Charlotte Smith Q's 

Manfred Q's