Plagiarism: the act, whether intentional or not, of presenting the ideas, information, words, or thoughts of others as if they were your own.


Because ours is a community of scholars, the College of Liberal Arts regards academic dishonesty as a serious offense.  Academic dishonesty (plagiarism) is an act in which a student claims the work of another (without authorization, attribution, or citation) as his/her own.  This includes and is not limited to written, oral, videotape, audiotape, photograph or web site sources. It is in fact a form of stealing.

A student may not use a direct quote, a paraphrase of anotherís idea, or substantive ideas without providing credit for the source of information.  Plagiarism even extends to submitting the same paper or portions of a paper previously written for two different assignments.


If an instructor suspects a student of plagiarizing, the instructor may discuss his concerns with the student first because often plagiarism often results from carelessness.  The student is then advised or reminded of strategies that safeguard against plagiarism.

If the plagiarism is substantial, the instructor may fail the student, or report the case to the Chair of the Department.  In consultation with the Chair of the Department, the instructor may elect to refer the incident to the Departmental Student Faculty Adjudication Committee.

For further information, review the current Morgan State University Catalog.

Anyone caught plagiarizing any assignment for this class risks receiving, at the very least, an F and zero (0) credit for that assignment. Multiple offenses will certainly result in failure for the entire course, regardless of your cumulative average.  Plagiarism on any research paper, whether initial draft or final draft, will result in failure for the entire course, regardless of your cumulative average.

If you have any doubts about whether you are committing plagiarism, consider this:

If you still are unsure, please come talk to me! I will gladly let you know when and if you need to provide more documentation.