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General Resources:

Attendance Policy

Critical Reading/Writing Site
Literary Terms
Questions About Literature
Reference Resource


Critical Response Paper
Midterm Review

Student Presentations
Grading Rubric
Sample MLA-style Papers
Sample Works Cited Page

British Romanticism:

Romantic Circles 
Romantics Unbound 
Romanticism on the Net 
British Women Writers 
NINES (Nineteenth-century Electronic Scholarship) 

Discussion of Gothic Literature

The Congress of Vienna
Course Introduction/The French Revolution:

Norton Introduction

See Images of the French Revolution

Other Early Works:

William Blake
HW/Discussion Q's 
On-Line Poems

Lyrical Ballads
Scholarly Essays 

Wm. Wordsworth /S. T. Coleridge
Lyrical Ballads Q's 
Norton Discussion:Tintern Abbey
The Prelude Q's
Ancient Mariner Q's 
See Illustrations
Other Coleridge Poems Q's
Norton Discussion: Gothic
Some Notes 

Abolition of Slavery / The Slave Trade:
HW/Discussion Questions :

Thomas Clarkson/STC