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English 112:  1 & 7
Spring 2022
Office: Holmes Hall 228
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Students MUST visit the class homepage regularly in order to remain current with assignments. All announcements posted on the web site are officially binding for all students, whether they attend class or not.  This is especially important for snow days or other unexpected cancellations of class.   Students are also responsible for all information posted on the web page, including but not limited to the attendance policy and the plagiarism policy, as well as all information transmitted during classroom discussion.

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Required Texts :

Purpose of Course:
This course will help you develop your writing skills, which, as we shall see, is intricately linked to the reading process, and will allow you to apply these skills to the critical and analytical discussion of texts, from a wide variety of perspectives.

Course Requirements:
Attendance/Participation. Students are expected to attend every class. If you are forced to miss class, written verification for the reason for your absence is expected. Because of the importance of regular attendance, excessive (more than six) unexcused class absences will result in a failing grade for the course. Excessive lates will also lower your grade. Be sure to check your attendance records in Starfish regularly and contact your professor with any questions. (See Official Policy )

Reading Assignments. It is important to be prepared for class discussions. For this reason, you must complete all reading assignments before class and you will be expected to submit electronic responses to any assigned discussion questions for the readings. You are expected to arrive prepared to provide thoughtful discussions of  the daily readings, responding to questions from the instructor or your classmates as they arise.  Classroom discussion will involve the open sharing of ideas and interpretations of the literature.  Because every person's opinion is valid, we will demonstrate civility and respect for each other, taking turns to provide our observations and not interrupting each other.  Only raised hands will be acknowledged.

Writing Assignments. There will be two (2) short out-of-class essays, consisting of a total of 6-8 pages of revised writing, as well as one (1) in-class essay examination.  In addition, there will be one (1) research paper, 8 to 10 pages long (2500 word minimum), including a list of works cited with at least six (6) documented secondary sources. Student Conferences will be held near the end of the semester.  Failure to attend a conference WILL result in the loss of  two (2) points from the final average and will also most likely result in a lower grade on your paper, as you will not get the opportunity for necessary feedback.  Students are also certainly invited to meet with me at any time during the semester to address needs and concerns.

Group Presentations. Students will be required to participate in a group presentation (minimum of 30 minutes) during the second part of the course. Requirements for these presentations will be explained in class and can be found here .

Statement on Americans with Disabilities Act. If you require an accommodation due to a disability, please contact the Office of Student Disability Support Services (SDSS) to register. More information regarding the intake procedure can be found on the SDSS website: http://www.morgan.edu/SDSS. It is your responsibility to request an accommodation from SDSS before or at the beginning of the semester.


Library Exercise
5  %
10 %
In-Class Essay 10 %
Group Presentation 10 %
Critical Response Paper 10 %
Library Assignment, Part 1 10 %
Library Paper (Library Assignment, Part 2) 10 %
Final Examination 20 %
MLA-style Research Paper 25 %

Reading List (Subject to Subtle Revision):

Jan 24 Course Introduction

26 Diagnostic/Review Test

Discussion of Review Test

Discussion of Writing Contexts, MLA Style and Format
Writing Contexts: LSH 2-8
Formatting a Research Paper: LSH 189-200
Avoiding Plagiarism: LSH 148-49
MLA Documentation: LSH 150-89
(Just glance through this section, but see esp. MLA-c11, pp. 172-73, and MLAc19, p. 177-78)
See Notes
Reading Strategies: LSH 9-16
Writing about Literature: LSH 94-97
Homework Questions Due in Canvas

PBS, "Mutability," (F): 209
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Corrected Grammar Review Exercise due in Canvas

Byron, "Prometheus," (F): 210-11
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
100-Word Summary of "Mutability" or "Prometheus," 
including Quote and Citation, Due in Canvas

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Editor's Introduction: (F),  viii-xix
Author's Introduction: (F), 217-22
Author's Preface, (F), 7-8
Homework Questions Due in Canvas

Frankenstein, Vol. One, (F): 9-62 
Homework Questions Due in Canvas

Frankenstein, Vol. One, cont.

Discussion of  Critical Response Paper 
Writing about Literature (Review): LSH 94-97
100-Word Summary of Vol. One,

including Quote and Citation,
Due in Canvas

Frankenstein, Vol. Two, (F): 63-110
Homework Questions Due in Canvas

Frankenstein, Vol. Two, cont.

Discussion of Outlines and the Library
Doing Research: LSH 116-29
Evaluating Sources: LSH 129-36
Discussion of Outlines 
Read Hints for Critical Discussion Paper 
100-Word Summary of Vol. Two,
including Quote and Citation,
Due in Canvas

25 Frankenstein, Vol. Three, (F): 111-68
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Library Exercise Due 

Frankenstein Wrap-Up
100-Word Summary of Vol. Three,

including Quote and Citation,
Due in Canvas
Mar 2
Planning and Drafting Essays
Writing Processes, LSH 17-26
Developing Paragraphs: LSH 27-39

Discussion of Sample Outline and Essay
Please print out the sample outline and essay and bring them with you to class.

In-class Essay

In-class Essay, cont.

** No Class **

** Spring Break: No Class **

Discussion of Essays

Discussion of the Research Process and Evaluating Sources (Review)
Evaluating Sources: LSH 129-36

Discussion of Samples, cont.
Research Paper Topics Due in Canvas

Discussion of Outlines for Critical Response Paper
Critical Response Paper Outline Due in Canvas
Last Day to Submit Assignments or Excuses for Absences for First Part of Class

Brantlinger, (F): 451-60
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Group Presentation
Discussion of Critical Response Papers
Read Sample Paper and bring it with you to class.
Critical Response Paper Due (800 word min.) in Canvas

4 Read Sample Paper and Answer the Questions at the End 
Please bring the sample essay and your responses with you to class.

Library Assignment Discussion
Bring this sheet and your LSH book with you
Last Day to Drop Undergraduate Classes

Discussion of Sample Research Papers 
Read the Sample Outline & Paper and fill out an Editing Sheet 
Bring everything to Class

Ten sources on your topic, presented in Works Cited Format, due
Upload the document to Canvas and bring 3 copies with you to class.
Also bring five of the actual sources with you to class.

Moers, (F): 460-70
Homework Questions Due
in Canvas
Group Presentation

** Wellness Day: No Class **

Synthesizing Ideas/Integrating Sources, LSH 136-49
Quote Incorporation Exercise

London, (F): 470-83
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Group Presentation

Revised Response Paper Due (800 word min.) in Canvas

Mellor, (F): 483-91
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Group Presentation

Library Assignment Due
in Canvas

Discussion of Library Paper (See Sample Paper )
** Deadline to Have Final Research Paper Topic Approved **

Young, (F): 492-97 and
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Group Presentation

Library Paper Due in Canvas
** Deadline to Submit Library Assignment for Final Research Paper Topic **
No Research Paper will be accepted if a Satisfactory Library Assignment has not been submitted.
Research Paper Outline Due in Canvas
In addition, bring three (3) copies to class.

Butler, (F): 439-51
Homework Questions Due in Canvas
Group Presentation

Research Paper Due in Canvas

Student Conferences: No Class

Student Conferences: No Class

Final Research Paper Due in Canvas
Final Exam Review

Last Day to Submit Assignments or Excuses for Absences for Second Part of Class
Research Papers will not be accepted after this date without a documented excuse
for an illness that causes an absence from the final class.

Final Exam: Date, Place, and Time TBA

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