English 112
Group Presentations
(Minimum Thirty (30) Minutes)
In terms of grades, each member of the group will evaluate her/himself and the others, based on a percentage of effort put in.  This is a team effort, so it will require everyone to participate, not only in performing his or her individual tasks, but also in combining all the individuals parts into a coherent unit.  The presentation will be graded by the instructor as a whole, not according to each presenter.  At the beginning of your presentation, each member will hand in a grading sheet.  You may get the sheets here .  I will make every effort to maintain a "secret ballot" environment.  I will average the different grades together and return each member's sheet, listing the group grade and the individual grade for that student.

Text Name Date

Lawrence Lipking

April 2



Mary Poovey

April 9

* Dominique

* Nikyah

* Abdullah

Mellor, "Possessing Nature"

April 13

* Ilaweni

* Mozell

* Cynthia

Mellor, "Racial Science"

April 16

* Ahmed

* Alliya

* Connor

Garrett Stewart

April 18



Patrick Brantlinger

April 27

* Jalen

* DeAuntae

* Quinlan
Jonathan Bate

April 30

* Courtney

* Shiro

* Jon