Library Assignment, Part One
Peer Evaluation Sheet

Please answer the following questions, using as much specific detail as possible.

Writer Name __________________________  Editor Name __________________________

1. Does the person's work include a typed Works Cited list?  If so, how many sources are included?  How many of those sources are journals, books, and on-line articles?

2.  Are the sources presented in proper MLA format, as exemplified in the MLA Style section in The Little Seagull Handbook?  Explain, making reference to specific entries.

3. Has the person included printed copies of his or her sources?  If so, describe the general quality of the discussion introduced in the works presented.

4.  How many of the sources included in the assignment have you also included in your version?  Are there any sources here that you hadn't found, but which might be useful to you as well?  Explain.

5. What other comments or concerns do you have for this person's work? Please be as specific as possible.