English 112
Final Exam Review

**Bring #2 Pencils with you to this exam!!**

There are Two main Sections on the Exam.  The first part is based primarily on the The Little Seagull Handbook.  The second part is based on our literary readings.

There are forty-five (45) questions on the first part of the exam.  These questions are broken down into six (6) sections:

A. The Essay (10 True or False Questions)
B. Unity and Coherence (2 Multiple Choice Questions)
C. Research Skills (5 True or False Questions)
D. Elements of Narrative/Literary Terms (6 Multiple Choice Questions)
E. General Research (12 Multiple Choice Questions)
F. General Documentation and Citation (10 True or False Questions)

The questions dealing with literary terms will require knowledge of such terms as:
irony tone paradox / oxymoron theme
symbol / symbolism  metaphor  simile character
plot: conflict climax / denouement exposition
point of view: omniscient objective selective omniscient
setting mood foreshadowing character
rhyme rhythm imagery

There will be thirty-two (32) questions on the second part, broken down into three sections:

A.  Percy Shelley & Lord Byron (3 Q's)
B.  Mary Shelley (14 Q's)
C.  Critical Essays (15 Q's)

All of these question come directly from the "Homework Questions" for these readings. They will all be in a multiple choice format.