Dr. L. Adam Mekler 
Humanities 201: 101
Summer 2023
Office:  Holmes 228
Office Phone: (443) 885-4032
Email@Morgan: adam.mekler@morgan.edu

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Required Texts:

Required Technology:

Course Requirements: 
Students are required to attend every class (See Policy ) and to have complete all necessary readings before class begins.

In addition to assigned readings and homework questions, which must be completed before coming to class, there will be one (1) documented research paper  (2000 word minimum) that uses a minimum of six documented secondary sources.  You will also take part in a group presentation of a minimum thirty minutes to be given during the second part of the course.  There will also be a mid-term and a final examination. 

All papers will follow MLA format: Typed, double-spaced, using parenthetical citations and a list of works cited, including references made to the textbook. (See sample MLA Paper )  The main point of the papers is to allow you the opportunity to explore specific aspects of texts that you find interesting in terms of the literary terms we discuss:  metaphor, imagery, symbolism, setting, theme, etc..  Basically, you will be exploring the ways in which use of such devices helps to develop the important themes of the works, etc., but the specific focus is largely up to you.

Extra Credit:

Homework Q's (in addition to the Required Q's described above)
  • Each day, you may submit written responses to all or ten (10) other discussion questions (whichever is fewer) for the text assigned for that day.
  • Every two (2) sets of questions will give you one (1) bonus homework credit, up to a possible total of five (5) points to be added to your homework grade.
  • There is no half-credit:  fewer than 10 (or all) questions will receive no credit.
  • Museum Paper
  • Students may also develop a museum paper based on the guidelines described here.
  • Successful completion of this assignment will result in the addition of up to two (2) points to the final average.
  • Pratt Library Events
  • Students may attend any of the Writers LIVE! events host by the Pratt Library and submit a response paper.
  • Each response paper will earn up to an additional point to the final average.

  • Grading:
    Class Participation 10% A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    Group Presentation  10% C: 70-79
    Research Paper  20% D: 60-69
    Mid-Term Exam 25% F: 0-59
    Final Exam 25%

    Reading List (Subject to Subtle Revision):
    Course Introduction
    Literary Terms (See List )
    Grammar Review Exercise
    ** No Class **

    Discussion of Grammar Review Exercise

    Research Paper Discussion
    Research Paper Workshop
    (Assignments Due)

    African Background
    African Tales & Myths

    History of Nigeria,
    Ch. 4, pp. 85-94, 106-9
    Corrected Grammar Review Exercise due

    Things Fall Apart, Chs. 1-5

    Things Fall Apart, Chs. 6-9
    Research Paper Topic Due

    Things Fall Apart, Chs. 10-13

    Things Fall Apart, Chs. 14-19

    Things Fall Apart, Chs. 20-25
    Midterm Examination

    History of Nigeria,
    Ch. 7, pp. 158-63, 180
    Ch. 9, pp. 229-34

    ** Juneteenth: No Class **

    Purple Hibiscus, pp. 3-51 (1-34)

    Purple Hibiscus, pp. 52-109 (35-76)

    Purple Hibiscus, pp. 110-61 (77-113)

    Purple Hibiscus, pp. 162-205 (114-44)
    Research Paper Check-In (Outline and "Works Cited" Due)
    ** Deadline to have topic approved **

    Purple Hibiscus, pp. 206-53 (144-77)

    Purple Hibiscus, pp. 255-307 (177-213)

    Final Review
    Research Paper due at 11:59 pm
    Last Day to Submit Any Assignments

    Final Exam
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