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Literary Terms
Group Presentations
Group Evaluation Sheet
Grading Rubric
Sample MLA-style Paper

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Questions About Literature

Research Paper Topics
Research Paper Hints

Museum Paper
Final Review

Earlier Works:
Characters / Glossary
Interesting essay
Gilgamesh's Grave
HW/Discussion Q's
African Tales and Myths

Electronic Version
Other Useful Links 
HW/Discussion Questions
The African Saga

Islamic Literature:

Information on Islam 
On-Line Qur'an

Sundiata Q's
See Performance This video, filmed in Niagassola, Guinea, shows how
                an oral text comes alive in performance.

Greek Tragedy, etc.

Good Link
Bulfinch Text (Ch. 16)
Oedipus Rex Q's 

 HW/Discussion Q's
On-line Text 

See Me and My Family! 

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