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Literary Terms
Group Presentations
Group Evaluation Sheet
Grading Rubric
Sample MLA-style Paper

Critical Response Paper
Museum Paper
Final Review

Research Paper Topics
Research Paper Hints

Classics Page
Reference Resource
Questions About Literature

On-Line Resources for the Norton Text

Ancient Lyric Poetry:
Greek Literature:  Roman Literature:

Alternative Translations
Interpretative Essays 
 HW/Discussion Q's

 HW/Discussion Q's

Asian Literature:

Chinese Poetry 
HW/Discussion Q's

Noh Drama 
On-Line Atsumori
HW/Discussion Q's 

Japanese Poetry 
HW/Discussion Q's

Asian Literature:
The Bhagavad-Gita

India Background 
Bhagavad-Gītā Questions

The Website

Islamic Literature:

Islamic Literature Q's 
Information on Islam 
On-Line Qur'an

Sunjata Q's
See Performance

European Literature:
The Aeneid:

Bulfinch's Mythology
Roman Mythology 

Aeneid Q's
Bulfinch Text: See chs. 28 & 31
(alt. sites)
Really Useful Site 

Dante's  Inferno

HW/Discussion Questions

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer
Chaucer Links

General Prologue
HW/Discussion Q's

"Wife of Bath's Tale" 
Actual Tale (see pp. 223-31) 
HW/Discussion Q's

Meso-American Literature:

Aztec/Nahuatl Culture

Europe and the New World
HW/Discussion Q's

Popol Vuh
Electronic Text 
HW/Discussion Q's

Research References:
MLA Style FAQ 
Library Resource Tools Page 
(2 Good Databases:  Jstor & MLA Bibliography)
Research Port (for off-campus access) 
Literature Resource Center (on-campus)
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