Museum Paper Assignment:
Typed, Double-Spaced, MLA Format
500 words minimum

This assignment requires you to visit a museum and describe in detail, in your own words, a piece of art that particularly interested you.  You are not to provide any background information (i.e. from the little plaque, guidebook or especially the internet) on the artist, the subject, or the materials used. In other words, provide only the title, artist, year of creation and location.  Otherwise, just describe what you saw and why you did or didn't like it, etc..

There are four acceptable museums to visit, all in Baltimore.  They are the Baltimore Museum of Art , the Great Blacks in Wax Museum , The Walters Art Museum ,and Morgan's own James E. Lewis Museum in the Murphy Fine Arts Center.

**You must submit proof that you visited the museum. Visiting the on-line exhibitions does not satisfy the requirements for this assignment! **

You also need to keep in mind that your subject must conform to the timeline for our class.  Therefore, for Humanities 201/211, you must pick a work either produced before 1600 (BMA, Walters, or JEL) or depicting a subject from before 1600 (Great Blacks in Wax).  For Humanities 202/212, as you can imagine, you must pick a work produced after 1600 (BMA, Walters, or JEL) or depicting a subject from after 1600 (Great Blacks in Wax).

As with all assignments for this class, the plagiarism policy is in effect . If you have any questions, ask me ahead of time.