English 112
Research Paper Assignment

As described in the syllabus, the first part of the Research Paper assignment involves completion of the Library Exercise
and Library Assignment, Parts One and Two .

Once you have completed the Initial Research, you will develop and Outline, Initial Draft, and Final Draft.
The due dates for all these assignments can be found in the syllabus.

As with the Critical Response Paper, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind:
For the Initial Draft Peer Editing Day, you will
  • Upload your Outline and Paper to Canvas.
  • Bring Four Copies (Minimum 2500 Words)
  • Typed, Double-Spaced
  • with Outline, Works Cited Page, and Parenthetical Citations.
    • Failure to submit an outline will result in the loss of 2/3 of a letter grade on the final paper!
  • You must make include specific references to six secondary sources in this paper.
    • Include in your Works Cited page only those sources to which you actually refer in the paper.
For the Final Assignment Due Date you will upload to Canvas
  • Revised Outline
  • Final Draft (Minimum 2500 Words)
  • Typed, Double-Spaced
  • with Works Cited Page, and Parenthetical Citations.

You will write a well-developed essay with a clearly stated thesis that is supported using direct quotes and references from the poem and/or novel, as well as from at least six critical discussions of the primary text(s), as applicable.