Dr. Mekler's Attendance Policy:  [Covid Edition]

I will be operating under a basic assumption:
What it means to be "present."

As the class syllabus makes clear, you are expected to attend every class.  If you are forced to miss class for some official reason, it is your responsibility to procure written verification explaining the reason for your absence.  Submit these excuses to me electronically through the Canvas mail function.  Again, this is your responsibility.  If I don't happen to ask you for an excuse, that does not mean I don't need one.

At the same time,  there is also a limit to the number of excused absences that are not detrimental.  Please understand that numerous excused absences will most likely cause your grade to suffer.  We will be covering a lot of material in this class, and if you are not here to participate and discuss problems you may be having, you will be at a disadvantage.

** Be sure to check your attendance records in Starfish regularly and contact your professor with any questions.**
Please be on time for every class.  An official late involves arriving to class more than five (5) minutes after the beginning.  Again, there are a couple of cases where a late might be excused.  Talk to me after class about your reason for being late.  If you don't speak with me, I will assume you have no excuse. If you know ahead of time about a situation that will either cause you to miss class or to be late, please make arrangements with me ahead of time.  Either tell me the class before or call me beforehand.  That is just a matter of courtesy.  Of course, written documentation will still be needed to verify your excuse.