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What is the thesis statement? Is this a clear statement? Explain.

Is the outline presented in proper format? Is there proper balance between sections?  Do any parts seem unrelated to the main argument?  Explain.

Thesis Statement
Is the thesis presented clearly? Explain.

Paragraph Structure
Does the person follow the organization of ideas found in the outline?  Explain.

Does the topic sentence in each paragraph have a clear connection to the thesis?  Are there sentences that don't seem to belong in any paragraph? Which ones?

Are there enough supporting points for the thesis? Is there specific evidence for each point? Is there enough detail?  Where might more detail be needed?

Do quotes adequately fit in to the discussion where they are found? Are they explained sufficiently? Do they support the writer's claims?  Refer to specific quotes in your response.

Are there an effective introduction and conclusion?  How might they be improved?

Are there clear connections between paragraphs?  Where might a better transition be needed?

Is there clear development within each paragraph?   Where might a better transition be needed?

Are there any errors in subject-verb agreement, pronouns, spelling, punctuation, modifiers, or runons and fragments?  Where?

Other Comments or Suggestions