Native American Literature

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Navajo, "The Night Chant:  Concluding Rite, First Day"
See interesting essay, "The Nightway Questions American Literature" 
999: James Welch (1940- )
"The Man from Washington"
Ray Young Bear (1950- )
"One Chip of Human Bone"
See essay that includes the poem 
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Black Elk (1863-1950)
from Black Elk Speaks 
Chapter Three:  The Great Vision (pge #s refer to those provided in the pdf):
16: 18-24:

The discussion of the first part of the vision might make more sense in table form:  
Grandfather of: West North East  South Sky  Earth
Description of Location: Where sun goes down Where Great White Giant Lives Where Sun shines continually Where you are always facing n/a n/a
Color of Horse(s): Black White Sorrel Buckskin n/a n/a
Animal Association: Horse Goose Bison Elk Spotted Eagle Black Elk
Gift : Water (Life)
Bow & Arrow (Destruction),
Name:  Eagle Wing Stretches
Cleansing Wind, White Wing
Eagle Pipe of Healing/Peace Red Stick and Hoop of Nation Power of Sky Power of Earth

Red Road: Runs from North to South: Good:  "On it shall your nation walk" (23).
Black Road: Runs from East to West: Troubles & War:  "From it you shall have the power to destroy a people's foes" (23).


Other Discussion Questions:
James Welch (1940- )
"The Man from Washington"
  • What are "our crude beginnings" (2)?
  • What is "a flat world" (3)?
  • What does "inoculated" mean (11)?
  • To what does "money, promise and disease" (13) refer?
  • from Black Elk Speaks
    Chapter Three:  The Great Vision
    25: 30: 28-31: 35:
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