Lawrence Lipking
"Frankenstein, the True Story; or Rousseau Judges Jean-Jacques"

** Homework Questions ** 

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Other Discussion Questions:
Things to Consider:
  • Frankenstein is the degenerate offspring of a dysfunctional family.
  • Walton and Frankenstein are unreliable narrators.
  • It is impossible to believe F's story of how he discovered the secret.
  • The Creature is a natural man.
  • F's abandonment of his Creature is an unforgivable irresponsibility.
  • F's incredible stupidity, narcissism, and insensitivity to women lead to the death of his bride on their wedding night.
Not Worth Mentioning:
  • Every character in the book loves and admires him.
  • The Creature is an unreliable narrator.
  • It is impossible to believe the Creature's story of how he acquired language.
  • The Creature is an unnatural botch of a man.
  • The Creature murders a small child and frames an innocent woman for the crime.
  • The Creature kills that bride for no other reason but to get back at Frankenstein.
Mellor's Questions:
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