Library Assignment, Part Two
Peer Evaluation Sheet

Please answer the following questions, using as much specific detail as possible.

Writer Name __________________________  Editor Name __________________________

Title of Work Summarized:

1.  Does this person follow proper MLA format for this paper, as exemplified in the Muth Handbook, esp. pp. 166ff and 173?  Explain.

2.  What, according to the writer, is the main argument of the work he or she is summarizing?

3.  How good an understanding does the writer appear to have of the work he or she is describing?  Explain.

4.  How many direct quotes from the work does the writer use?  Are they incorporated smoothly into the discussion?  Does the writer use proper parenthetical citation?  Explain.

5.  Is there a bibliographic citation included?  If so, is it presented in proper MLA format? Explain.

6.  Any other comments or suggestions?