English 101
Essay One: Personal Narrative Essay (750-word minimum)

This paper will basically be a mini-autobiography, focusing on your own literacy and your individual experience with reading texts. How do you describe the relationship you currently have to reading and writing? What experiences have led you to develop this relationship? Please be specific in the examples you provide and the details you include.

October 5:

Exploration of Subject Due (ca. 250 words)

For this assignment, please submit a paragraph in which you identify and explain one or two significant events in your life related to reading and writing. Discussion of these events may include consideration of the differences between the way you use language in school and the way you use language at home.

         These events could cover what books (or other texts) you read in your family life and the books (or other texts) you read at school.

         You could write about the writing you did at home, in the context of your family, and how that differed from the writing you were required to do at school.

         This exploratory assignment, and your eventual literacy narrative, should focus on moments in your development as a reader and writer.

         The material you use in this exploratory assignment may or may not fit directly into your literacy narrative.

October 9:

October 14:
October 28: