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General Resources:

Critical Reading/Writing Site
  Literary Terms
  Reading Poetry Site 
  Reference Resource

Critical Response Paper
  Midterm Review

British Romanticism
Romantic Circles 
Romantics Unbound 
Historical Chronology 
Romanticism on the Net 
British Women Writers 


Romantic Period Q's

French Revolution
Norton Discussion: French Revolution

William Blake
On-Line Poems 
JStor Essay 
Discussion Q's 

Mary Wollstonecraft 
Mellor Essay Quotes 

Wm. Wordsworth /S. T. Coleridge & Lyrical Ballads
Norton Discussion:Tintern Abbey
Lyrical Ballads Q's 
Ancient Mariner Q's
Other STC poems Q's
Norton Discussion: Gothic
Scholarly Essays   and Notes 

Lord Byron
Manfred Questions 
Don Juan See Dedication

Percy Shelley
Discussion Questions 
JStor essay on Defence

John Keats
Discussion Q's 

Felicia Hemans 

Hemans Discussion Questions 
On-Line Hemans Essay 

The Victorian Age:

Victorian Age Q's

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Discussion Q's

Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Discussion Q's 

Robert Browning
Discussion Q's 

Matthew Arnold
Discussion Q's 

Christina Rossetti
Discussion Q's 

Gerald Manley Hopkins
Discussion Q's 

Rudyard Kipling
Discussion Q's 

Robert Louis Stevenson
Discussion Q's 
On-line Novel 

Oscar Wilde
Discussion Q's 
On-Line Play