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General Resources:

Critical Reading/Writing Site
  Literary Terms
  Reading Poetry Site 
  Reference Resource
  Group Presentations

   Final Review

Research Paper Resources:
Library Database Page 
Lit. Resource Center (on-campus) 
ResearchPort (for off-campus access) 
MLA Style 
Sample Research Paper 
Research Paper Hints
Research Paper Topics 

The Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries :
Discussion Q's

Thomas Hardy
Discussion Q's 

Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness Q's 

Virginia Woolf 
Discussion Q's 

James Joyce
Discussion Q's 

D. H. Lawrence
Discussion Q's 

T. S. Eliot
Discussion Q's 
On-Line "Tradition"

Dylan Thomas
Discussion Q's 

Derek Walcott
Discussion Q's

Chimamanda Adichie

Discussion Q's

Other Writers:

Felicia Hemans 

Hemans Discussion Questions 
On-Line Hemans Essay 

Gerald Manley Hopkins
Discussion Q's 

William Butler Yeats
Discussion Q's