English 202
Group Presentations

As I stated in class, the group presentations will involve your explanation of the major points of the text(s) for the day, including relevant historical and biographical information.  Essentially, you are teaching the class what is most important about the work:  major themes, creative use of literary techniques, historical or biographical parallels, etc.

In terms of grades, each member of the group will evaluate her/himself and the others, based on a percentage of effort put in.  This is a team effort, so it will require everyone to participate, not only in performing his or her individual tasks, but also in combining all the individuals parts into a coherent unit.  The presentation will be graded by the instructor as a whole, not according to each section.  After your presentation, each member will hand in his or her grading sheet.  I will make every effort to maintain a "secret ballot" environment.  I will average the different grades together and return each member's sheet, listing the group grade and the individual grade for that student.

Please let me know as early as possible what if any electronic/technological accomodations you will require so that I can make the proper arrangements.

Text Name Date
Matthew Arnold, Culture and Anarchy and "Dover Beach"
March 27

* Maura S.


Christina Rossetti

March 29

* Nikita R.


Thomas Hardy
April 19

* De'Asia J.

* Davon R.

* DaShawn A.

William Butler Yeats
April 26



James Joyce
April 28

* Keiyanni J.

* Chel'Si H.


T. S. Eliot

May 1

* Drew H.

* Janea W.


Virginia Woolf
May 3

* Stephanie N.

* Myeisha W.

* Taiha G.

D. H. Lawrence
May 5




Dylan Thomas
May 8

* Capresha P.

* Makiah A.


Derek Walcott

May 10




If you REALLY want to discuss a text that is not listed here, please speak with me !!