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General Resources:

Critical Reading/Writing Site
  Literary Terms
  Reading Poetry Site 

Group Presentations
Grading Rubric
Group Evaluation Sheet 

Research Paper Discussion w/ Topics  

Sample MLA-style Paper
(with Secondary Sources)

Web Resources for Norton Text 
Norton E-text
Kings and Queens of England and Britain 
Acts of Union and Religion

Grammar Review Exercise
Annotated Grammar Review Exercise

** Final Exam Review **

Research Paper Resources:
Library Resource Tools Page 
(Use MLA Bibliography and J-Stor Databases)
ResearchPort (for off-campus access) 
MLA Style 
Sample Research Paper 

The Early Seventeenth Century:

The Early Seventeenth Century
Discussion Q's

John Donne

Discussion Q's

Robert Herrick/Andrew Marvell
Discussion Q's

John Milton
Paradise Lost Study Guide

Discussion Q's

The Restoration and Eighteenth Century

The Restoration and Eighteenth Century

Discussion Q's

John Dryden

Discussion Q's

Aphra Behn


Discussion Q's

Jonathan Swift

Discussion Q's

Alexander Pope

"Rape of the Lock" Q's

"Essay on Man" Q's

Samuel Johnson

Discussion Q's

Thomas Gray

Discussion Q's

Olaudah Equiano

Useful Resources
Complete E-text
Discussion Q's