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General Resources:

Critical Reading/Writing Site
  Literary Terms
  Reading Poetry Site 

Group Presentations
Grading Rubric
Group Evaluation Sheet

Critical Response Paper
Sample MLA-style Paper

Mid-Term Exam Review

Web Resources for Norton Text 
Norton E-text
Kings and Queens of England and Britain 
Acts of Union and Religion

Grammar Review Exercise
Annotated Grammar Review Exercise

Research Paper Discussion w/ Topics 

The Middle Ages:

The Middle Ages
Discussion Q's 

Discussion Q's

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Discussion Q's

Geoffrey Chaucer
Modern English Translation
Other Chaucer Links 
Discussion Q's

The Sixteenth Century:

The Sixteenth Century

Discussion Q's

Edmund Spenser

The Faerie Queene
Discussion Q's

On-Line Text

Audio Version

Christopher Marlowe / Sir
Walter Ralegh
See Poems
Discussion Q's

Faustus Q's

William Shakespeare
Discussion Q's