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Gaius Valerius Catullus (84?-54? B.C.) **Homework Questions **
139: 140: 149: 369: 371:
"Let Us Live and Love, My Lesbia" "He Seems to Me To Be Equal to a God" "You Used Once to Say" 372:
"Lesbia Says All Sorts of Abusive Things"
Other Discussion Questions:
"You Ask How Many Kisses" 372:
"No Woman Can Say Truly" "If There Be Any Pleasure" "My Life, My Lesbia" Other Poems:
"Wretched Catullus, Cease Your Folly" "Were I Allowed to Kiss Your Sweet Eyes" "Wherefore, Catullus, Wherefore" "If Ever Any One Who Desires" "If Your Hoary Age, Cominius" Back to Top