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Topics for Presentations British Romanticism

Romantic Circles 
Romantics Unbound 
Historical Chronology 
Romanticism on the Net 
British Women Writers 
NINES (Nineteenth-century Electronic Scholarship) 

Calls For Papers (UPenn) 

William Godwin
On-line edition of Political Justice 
On-line edition of Caleb Williams 
The Shelley-Godwin Archive

Mary Wollstonecraft 
On-line edition of Maria 
On-line edition of Vindication 
Things to Consider

Percy Shelley

William Wordsworth
"London 1802" 
"To Toussaint" 
"We Are Seven" 
"Seven Sisters" 

Mary Shelley

Frankenstein (1818)

Discussion Questions :
Vol. I  Vol. II  Vol. III
209 Essays on Frankenstein
The On-Line Novel: 
Romantic Circles Edition
Frankenstein  Notebooks

"The Mortal Immortal" (1833)

The Last Man (1826)

Gothic Literature
Glossary of Gothic Terms

Lord Byron
Byron's Fragment 
"Augustus Darvell"
    Alternative links:
Byron Society of America 
International Byron Society 
Byron Society of America
Lord Byron in his Times
Essays on Don Juan 

Polidori's The Vampyre
(intro) (text)(appendix)
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On-line Diary Excerpts