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W. K. Wimsatt and Monroe Beardsley
"The Intentional Fallacy" 
(and the Affective Fallacy) 

Fuseli, The Negro Revenged, 1806-7

Other Essays to Read:  
Randel, "Political Geography of Horror" 
Goodwin, "Domesticity and Uncanny Kitsch" 
Malchow, "Frankenstein's Monster and Images of Race" 
Piper, "Inuit Diasporas: Frankenstein and the Inuit in England" 
McGann, "The Meaning of the Ancient Mariner" 
Ware,"Coleridge's 'Spectal Bark'" 
Empson, "The Ancient Mariner: An Answer"  
Showalter, "Feminist Criticism in the Wilderness" 
Showalter, "A Literature of Their Own Revisited" 
London, "The Spectacle of Masculinity"

More links will be posted soon!