Shakespeare Portrait

English 418: Shakespeare
Critical Response/Rhetorical Analysis Paper (ca. 800 words)
MLA format: typed, double-spaced, parenthetical citations and Work Cited, etc.

For this assignment, you need to provide a rhetorical analysis of a biography of William Shakespeare. Specifically, you will need to identify the basic argument of the book. What, generally, is the biographer suggesting about Shakespeare the person? What aspects of his life does the author emphasize? What connections between his life and works are suggested? What claims to originality does the author make? In other words, what distinguishes this biography from those that have come before?

Having established the biography's basic approach, next explain how well the author supports those claims. How credible or persuasive is the discussion? Throughout your discussion you will need to provide specific quotes and other references to the text to support the claims you make.

** For various reasons, please do not read/consult other reviews of the work. The idea here is to demonstrate your own ability to think and speak critically about a text. **

The list of acceptable titles can be found in Canvas. They are all e-books that can be found in the Morgan State University online catalog.
If for some reason you would like to discuss a biography not found on the list, please contact Dr. Mekler asap for approval.