English 315
British Romanticism
Student Presentations

Students are expected to select a topic from the list below and come to class prepared to "teach" the class on that day. What this means is that you will be prepared to discuss all relevant background--historical and biographical--information and present a thoughtful and critical explanation of the reading(s), one that moves beyond simple plot summary and instead addresses the text's(s') important themes, arguments, literary techniques, etc., including, if necessary, an explanation of the text's(s') connection to other works that we might have read or other significant works of the period.  Your ability to provide thoughtful responses to questions from your classmates and/or instructor will also be an important factor.

Keep in mind, here, that I am not expecting you to become an "expert," on the work(s) (whatever that means).  What I will expect is that you have thought carefully about the text(s) and, most likely, solicited information from outside sources to facilitate your understanding of the work.  References to secondary sources (with appropriate documentation, of course), use of visual aids, and creative techniques to increase audience participation are all encouraged, as long as the primary focus remains on the explanation of the actual work(s) itself (themselves). Please let me know as early as possible what if any electronic/technological accommodations you will require so that I can make the proper arrangements.

Section One
(Sect. I70)

25 (3/8)
Equiano and Prince

28 (3/8)
Blake, "The Little Black Boy"
WW, "To Toussaint L'Ouverture" 
"September 1, 1802" 

Mar 4 (3/10)
Midterm Examination

7 (22)
Wollstonecraft, from Vindication of the Rights of Woman

9 (22)
Dorothy Wordsworth, Grasmere Journals
WW, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"

1 (5)
Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto Three
(I70: "She Walks in Beauty" and "Darkness")

8 (12)
PBS, "Ozymandias"
"To a Sky-Lark"

18 (19)
Hemans, "Bride of the Greek Isle"
"Properzia Rossi"

22 (26)
Frankenstein, Vol. 1

25 (26)
Frankenstein, Vol. 2

27 (26)
Frankenstein, Vol. 3

29 (5/3)
 Keats, "Endymion"

2 (5/3)
Keats "The Fall of Hyperion"