Humanities 212
MidTerm Examination

There will be two parts, Short Answer (Closed Book) and Essay (Open Book)

For the short answer section, you will have to answer 20 questions, broken down thusly:
Sonnets (3 Qs) Othello (4 Qs)
Walker/Wheatley (3 Qs)  Equiano (3 Qs) 
Douglass (4 Qs) Jacobs (4 Qs)
These questions all come from the discussion questions from class, which can be found from the links page ,  specifically  those that emphasize:
For the Essay, you will have to examine important themes in Othello or the slave narratives, including:
Religion Women
Family Language
Race Identity
Specifically, you will have a choice of three essays.  You will need to respond to one in a well-organized, well-supported (i.e. using specific quotes from the texts) discussion with a clear thesis. Here is an example from Jacobs's narative:

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