Humanities 212
Final Exam Review

**Bring #2 Pencils with you to this exam!!**

There will be 75 Questions on the Exam. The exam will be graded based on a seventy-point scale, so there will be 5 'bonus" questions.

The questions will be multiple choice and will be based on the homework & discussion questions and literary terms.

Breakdown of Questions:
* Some Questions may be reformulated slightly on the exam for the sake of clarity and to fit the multiple choice format.
Text Q's to Answer
Literary Terms 15
Mid-Term Questions 14
Asian Poetry 3
Metamorphosis 3
The Awakening 5
Richard Wright
Things Fall Apart 6
African Poetry 5
Native-American Literature
"The Garden of the Forking Paths" 3
African-American Poetry 5
European-American Poetry 3
African-American Theater  5