Humanities 211
MidTerm Examination
(Online Edition)

There will be two parts, Short Answer and Essay

For the short answer sections you will have to answer 16 questions, broken down thusly:
These questions all come from the homework questions from class, which can be found from the links page ,  specifically  those that emphasize:

Literary Terms (i.e. What is Dramatic Irony?)

Important Plot Aspects (Why does Enkidu die?)

Other Statement of Ideas (What does Aristotle say the difference is between a simple and a complex plot?)

For the Essay, you will have to examine important themes in the longer works, including:

In the essay, you will need to respond to one of prompt in a well-organized, well-supported (i.e. with specific examples from the texts) discussion with a clear thesis. You will need to provide detailed responses, including as much specific detail from the texts as possible.

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