Humanities 211
Final Exam Review

**Bring #2 Pencils with you to this exam!!**

There will be 64 Questions on the Exam. The number of correct responses will be divided by three (3) to establish a twenty (20) point scale to correspond to the 20% of your final grade that this exam represents.

The questions will be multiple choice and will be based on the homework & discussion questions and literary terms.

If you have any questions about this format, ask me BEFORE the Exam!!

Breakdown of Questions:
** Some Homework Questions may be reworded slightly on the exam for the sake of clarity and to fit the multiple choice format. **
Text Q's Asked
Literary Terms 22
MidTerm Questions 11
Bhagavad-Gita 2
Sappho/Catullus 2
Aeneid 3
Noh Drama/Ikkaku Sennin 2
Japanese Poetry 2
Chinese Poetry 2
Islamic Literature 2
Epic of Sundiata 3
Everyman 3
Dante & The Inferno 3
Chaucer 4
Pre-Columbian Literature 3