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Humanities 202: 101
Summer 2014
Office:  Holmes 228
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** Any revisions to this syllabus will be posted on our class page. **

Students MUST visit the class homepage regularly in order to remain current with assignments. All announcements posted on the web site are officially binding for all students, whether they attend class or not.  This is especially important for unexpected cancellations of class.   Students are also responsible for all information posted on the web page, including but not limited to the attendance policy and the plagiarism policy, as well as all information transmitted during classroom discussion.

Course Requirements:

Required Texts:

Students are required to attend every class (See Policy ) and to bring all necessary books with them. On-line versions are available for most readings, especially at the beginning of the semester, so economic hardship, while certainly a reality for many of us, does not constitute a valid excuse in this context.  Please come speak with me if you have any questions.

In addition to assigned readings, which must be completed before coming to class, there will be one (1) brief (500 word minimum) critical response paper  and one (1) documented research paper  (2000 word minimum) that uses a minimum of eight documented sources, six of which must be secondary sources. There will also be one set of homework questions that must be completed near the end of the session, completion of which will help to satisfy your participation grade. You will also take part in a group presentation of a minimum thirty minutes to be given during the second part of the course.  There will also be a mid-term and a final examination.

All papers will follow MLA format: Typed, double-spaced, using parenthetical citations and when necessary, a list of works cited, including references made to the textbook. (See sample MLA Paper )  The main point of the response papers is to allow you the opportunity to explore specific aspects of texts that you find interesting in terms of the literary terms we discuss:  metaphor, imagery, symbolism, setting, theme, etc..  Basically, you will be exploring the ways in which use of such devices helps to develop the important themes of the works, etc., but the specific focus is largely up to you.

Class Participation 10%
Critical Response Paper  10%
Group Presentation  10%
Research Paper  20%
Mid-Term Exam 25%
Final Exam 25%

Extra Credit:

Homework Q's (in addition to the Required Q's described above)
  • Each day, you may hand in written responses to ten (10) homework and discussion questions for the text assigned for THAT day only.
  • Every three (3) sets of questions will give you one (1) bonus point, up to a possible total of five (5)  to be added to your final average.
  • There is no half-credit:  fewer than 10 questions will receive NO credit.

  • Reading List (Subject to Subtle Revision):
    May 27 Course Introduction 
    Literary Terms (See List )
    Reading Poetry
    Europe and the New World

    28 Petrarch,
    "It was the morning of that blessed day"
    Sonnet #18,
    Sonnet #130

    29 Shakespeare, Othello, Acts. 1-2, (O): 1-50

    Shakespeare, Othello, Acts 3-4, (O): 50-98
    Jun 2
    Shakespeare, Othello, Act 5 and wrap-up (O): 99-117

    Democratic Revolutions, (NA): 372-77
    Phillis Wheatley
    “On Being Brought From Africa” 
    "To His Excellency George Washington"
    Walker, “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” 

    Equiano, Chs. 1-3,
    from Chs. 4 and 5, 

    Douglass, (NA): 512-17
    Narrative of the Life, Chs. 1-9, (NA): 517-42

    Douglass, (NA): 512-17
    Narrative of the Life, Chs. 10-Appendix, (NA): 542-74

    9 Midterm Review
    Grammar Review Exercise
    Discussion of Critical Response Papers
    Last Day to Drop Class


    11 The World of Haiku, (NA): 321-23

    Kigin, (NA): 323-24
    Kyoriku, (NA): 336-37
    Group Presentation

    Tagore, (NA): 961-70
    Group Presentation

    12 Postwar and Postcolonial Literature, (NA): 1435-39

    Senghor, (NA): 1440-46
    Group Presentation

    Senghor, (NA): 1446-51
    Group Presentation

    13 Modernity and Modernism, (NA): 1003-13
    Kafka, (NA): 1201-35

    16 Discussion of Research Papers
    Class Will Meet in Holmes 119
    Research Paper Topics Due (See Topics )
    Critical Response Paper Due (500 word min.)

    17 Achebe, Things Fall Apart
    Introduction (Recommended), (TFA): ix-xxii
    (Part One), (TFA): 3-74

    18 Achebe, Things Fall Apart (Parts Two & Three),  (TFA): 75-117

    19 Lyric Poetry in the Long 19th. Century, (NA): 574-77

    Dickinson, (NA): 666-68
    "I heard a fly buzz," (NA): 671
    "Because I could not stop for death," (NA): 673
    "Design." (NM): 123-24
    "The Road Less Travelled" (NM): 125-26
    Group Presentation

    "The Cask of Amontillado," (NM): 78-84
    Group Presentation

    Chopin, The Awakening
    Chs. 1-20, pp.1-43

    23 Chopin, Chs. 21-39, pp. 43-82

    24 Native American Literature:
    "Navajo Night Chant", NA): 998-1001 (and )
    Welch, "The Man from Washington"
    Ray Young Bear, "One Chip of Human Bone"
    Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks, Ch. 3
    Group Presentation

    Borges, "The Garden of the Forking Paths," 1335-44
    Group Presentation
    Last Day to Submit Final Research Paper Topics 
    ** No Paper Will Be Accepted if Topic is Not APPROVED by Today **

    25 African-American Poetry

    McKay (NM): 135-36
    "If We Must Die"
    "Song of the Son," (NM): 137
    Group Presentation

    Hughes, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers," (NM): 129
    Angelou, "Still I Rise"
    Group Presentation

    26 Richard Wright

    “Ethics of Living Jim Crow"
    Group Presentation

    27 African-American Theater

    Wilson, Fences (NM): 171-239
    Group Presentation

    30 Research Paper Due
    Last Day To Hand in ANY Work for the Course!!
    Last Day To Hand in ANY Excuses for Lates or Absences!!
    Final Exam

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