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Asian Literature
Homework Questions

African Literature:

African Poetry Questions Achebe Links
Achebe Questions
List of Characters
Potentially Useful Essay, "Chinua Achebe Writing Culture"
See also "The Plight of a Hero" 

Franz Kafka
Homework Questions
Kafka E-Texts 
See Movie 

European-American Literature:

European American Poetry
Homework Questions

Edgar Allan Poe
See On-line Text
HW Q's 

Kate Chopin
Homework Q's
The Awakening E-Text

Literature of the Americas:

Native American Literature
Homework Questions (including links to e-texts)

Latin American Literature
Borges Q's 
"The Garden of Forking Paths" 

African American Literature:

African American Poetry
Homework Questions 

Richard Wright
 "Ethics of Living Jim Crow" E-text
HW Q's 

 "Man Who Lived Underground"HW Q's 

August Wilson
Fences Q's 

Research Paper Resources:

Library Database Page 
Lit. Resource Center (on-campus) 
ResearchPort (for off-campus access)
MLA Style 
Sample Research Paper