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MidTerm Exam Review African American Studies Resources 
European Literature:

Petrarch & Shakespeare
Humanities Background & Sonnet Homework Q's
See Pratt's essay 

Shakespeare's Othello
 Homework Q's E-Text
Scene Summaries Scene Commentaries
Group Q's Study Q's

African Slave Trade Narratives:

 Slave Trade Timeline
Potentially Offensive/
Potentially Funny Video

Phyllis Wheatley
On-Line Poems
Homework Q's

Alice Walker
See Essay

Olaudah Equiano
Useful Resources
Text in 2 Parts (pdf)
Chs. 4 and 5 Excerpts 
Homework Q's

Frederick Douglass
On-Line Texts
Homework Q's

Harriet Jacobs
On-Line Text
Harriet Jacobs Papers 
Homework Q's

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