Humanities 201/211 Terms
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African/Egyptian Terms:
animism polytheism monotheism
myth tale griot

Greek/Roman Terms:
epic epic simile Olympians Invocation of the Muse
bard oracle in medias res epithet
lyric monody narrative satire
carpe diem unity of time and place Sophists comedy
tragedy: spectacle melody fable/plot

diction character thought

Indian Terms:
Sanskrit Riga Veda dharma sudra
Hinduism Islam Buddhism moksa
brahman Brahman karma mantra
ksaitrya caste guru vaisya

Asian Terms:
tanka haiku noh shite yugen
waki jo ha nakairi kyu

Religious Terms:
Hebrew/Judaism Shinto Hindu Buddhism Zen Buddhism Sufism
Islam/Muslim qasida ghazal Christianity parable fable
symbolic retribution allegory passion play miracle play morality play fabliau

Other Terms:
contact zones
autoethnography transculturation

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