Dr. L. Adam Mekler 
English 111: 5
Fall 2007
Office: Holmes Hall 221 
      Office Phone:  (443) 885-4032 
Email@Morgan: lmekler@jewel.morgan.edu
Class Homepage:   www.geocities.com/lmekler/111links.htm
** Any revisions to this syllabus will be posted on our class page. **

Students MUST visit the class homepage regularly in order to remain current with assignments. All announcements posted on the web site are officially binding for all students, whether they attend class or not.  This is especially important for snow days or other unexpected cancellations of class.   Students are also responsible for all information posted on the web page, including, but not limited to, the attendance policy and the plagiarism policy, as well as all information transmitted during classroom discussion.

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Required Texts : ** You must bring the necessary readings with you to every class. **

Purpose of Course:
This course will help you develop your writing skills, which, as we shall see, is intricately linked to the reading process, but more importantly to thinking in general. It will also allow you to apply these skills to the critical and analytical discussion of ideas and texts, from a wide variety of perspectives.

Course Requirements:
Attendance/Participation. Because writing can be a troublesome task, it is useful to discuss it with other people who may be having similar problems or who may have helpful advice to share. Therefore, attendance is required. In addition to everyday attendance, it is especially necessary for you to be present for peer group discussion and to be an active participant.
Unexcused absences from peer group sessions will lower the grade of your final paper.  Because of the importance of regular attendance, excessive unexcused class absences WILL result in a failing grade for the course. Excessive lates will also lower your grade. (See Official Policy )

Reading Assignments. It is important to be prepared for class discussions. For this reason, you must complete all reading assignments before class and you will be expected to submit typed responses to any assigned discussion questions for the readings at the beginning of class.

Writing Assignments. There will be five (5) papers (800 word minimum each). Student Conferences will be held during two periods during the semester.  Failure to attend a conference WILL result in the loss of  two (2) points from the final average and will also most likely result in a lower grade on your paper, as you will not get the opportunity for necessary feedback.  Students are also certainly invited to meet with me at any time during the semester to address needs and concerns.

  • Homework (including Outlines)
  • Grammar Examination
  • Essay Midterm Examination
  • Essays
  • Final Exam

Assignment List (Subject to Subtle Revision):
Aug 27 Course Introduction
29 Fragments & Run-ons  (HH): 51-75(Ex. 3, 75)
Agreement  (HH): 99-112 (Ex. 3, 112)
Verbs (HH):  130-31
31 Pronouns (HH):87-98, 341-44 (Ex. 1, 95)
Sept 3 Labor Day:  No Class
5 Modifiers & Parallelism, (HH): 325-36(Ex. 2, 330; Ex. 1, 336))
7 Punctuation (HH): 203-56 (Ex. 2, 208; Ex. 3, 255-56)
10 Rhetoric (HH): 367-91
Grammar Examination
12 Washington, "Atlanta Exposition Address"  (CC): 33-38
Homework Questions
13 Matriculation Convocation
14 Du Bois, "Of Our Spiritual Strivings" and "Of Mr. Booker T. Washington" (CC): 39-47
Homework Questions
17 Planning and Drafting Essays (HH): 392-417
Outline Handout
Meet in Holmes G-2 Computer Lab
Paragraph Assignment Due 
19 Hughes, "Cowards from the Colleges" (CC): 56-65
Homework Questions
21 Discussion of Paper One
Arguments, 459-91
Discuss Sample Outline
24 Outline Due
Quote Incorporation Exercise 
26 Discuss Sample Paper
Complete a Peer Editing Sheet 
Bring Sample Outline, Sample Paper, and Peer Editing Sheet with You
28 Revision, (HH): 418-58
Paper One Due
Bring Sample Outline  Paper  and Editing Sheet  with you 
Oct 1 Locke, "The New Negro" (CC): 159-71
Homework Questions
3 Wright, "12 Million Black Voices" (CC):104-111
Homework Questions
5 Discussion of in-class essay format 
8 MidTerm Essay Examination
10 Conferences: No Class
12 Conferences: No Class
15 Conferences: No Class
17 Discussion of Paper Two
Bring Sample Outline  Paper  and Editing Sheet  with you 
18 Performing Arts Convocation
19 Paper Two Due
Peer Editing Session
** No Class, But Complete Assignment **
Papers must be Emailed as MS Word attachments to Dr. Mekler 
Students must also Complete Peer Editing Sheets   for 3 other Students.
Students will also submit Evaluation Summary Sheets  to Dr. Mekler's mailbox by 5 pm.
22 Ellison, IM 3-14
Homework Q's
Revised Paper Two Due
24 Ellison, IM 15-33
Homework Q's
26 IM 34-97
Homework Q's
29 IM 98-150
Homework Q's
31 IM 98-150 cont.
Last Day to Drop to Classes
Nov 2 Paper Three Due
Peer Editing Session
5 IM 151-250
Homework Q's
7 IM 151-250 cont.
Revised Paper Three Due
8 Founders Day Convocation
9 Paper Four Outline Due
Peer Editing Session
12 Paper Four Due
Peer Editing Session
14 IM 251-355 
Homework Q's
16 IM 356-461
Homework Q's
19 IM 462-580
Homework Q's
21 Invisible Man Wrap-Up
Revised Paper Four Due
23 Thanksgiving:  No Class
26 Conferences: No Class
28 Conferences: No Class
30 Conferences: No Class
Dec 3 Paper Five Due
Peer Editing Session
5 Discussion of Paper Five
6 Bill of Rights/Transafrica Day Convocation
7 Revised Paper Five Due
Last Day of Class
(Last Day to Submit Late Assignments and Excuses for Absences and Lates)
10 Final Essay Examination (Tentative)

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