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Prof. Mekler
English 111
September 25, 2005

A Century of Progress For the Centenary Biblical Institute

Thesis:  Morgan has to address problems in three important areas before it can fully realize its potential.
         I.  The first area that requires improvement is the use of religion. 
A.  First of all, the campus is too focused on the Christian religion.
B. The use of religion at Morgan problematizes the university's status as a state-funded, public institution.
         II.  A second area that Morgan needs to address involves its housing policies and procedures.
A.  Forbidding male and female students to mingle was a particularly unpopular policy for Hughes.
B. The policy restricting  visitors of the opposite gender is totally ridiculous. 
         III.  The final area that Morgan must improve is its overall level of hostility toward Morgan students.
A.  For example, the registrar's policy of dropping students' schedules is unfair.
B. The policy of required attendance for certain classes is also disrespectful.