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Monday, December 10
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Contexts for Ellison's Invisible Man:

See NY Times article 
Booker T. Washington Q's 
(See Text of Speech )
W. E. B. Du Bois Q's 
(Souls of Black Folk E-Texts)
Langston Hughes Q's 
Alain Locke Q's 
(See E-Text )
Harlem Renaissance Links 
Richard Wright Q's 
Computer Lab Assignment
Paragraph Assignment
Paper One Assignment
Quote Incorporation Exercise  Sample Outline 
Sample Paper 
In-Class Essay/Paper Two Assignment
Sample Outline  Sample Paper 

Ellison's Invisible Man:
Homework Questions
Critical Essay 
Jstor Essays (on-campus) 
Potentially Useful Site 


Essay Assignments:

Paper Three
Paper Four 
Paper Five 
See Sample Paper 

See Peer Editing Sheet 
Evaluation Summary Sheet 

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