In-Class Essay/Essay Two

In-Class Essay Examination: October 8
Essay Two Due: October 19 (Bring Three Copies, 3 Peer Editing Sheets  and 3 Evaluation Summary Sheets  )
Revised Essay Two Due: October 22 (Bring In-Class Essay, Original Draft, Revised Draft, and Peer Editing Sheets in Folder)

The Great Northern Migration of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which involved millions of southern rural Blacks heading for the urban centers of the North, has been described as one of the most significant events in the history of African Americans.

Both Alain Locke and Richard Wright wrote essays in which they presented their assessments of the Great Migration.  Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the two descriptions of life for urban African Americans found in Locke's and Wright's essays.

Which essay offers a more optimistic or pessimistic view? In what other ways are they the same or different? Be sure to explain your argument clearly and use specific references from both essays to support the claims you make.

In a folder, bring: