English 111
Essay One
Outline Due: September 24
Paper Due:  September 28 (In a folder, bring original outline, revised outline, and essay)
Minimum: 800 Words, in addition to an outline


To what degree do the sentiments expressed by Langston Hughes in his essay "Cowards from the Colleges" still apply to the atmosphere surrounding the education of African Americans at Morgan today?  Do the school's stated mission and actual practices support or contradict Hughes's claims?  Be as specific as possible, taking into consideration as many different aspects of your experience of Morgan up until this point as possible:  residence halls, dining halls, classrooms, administration (deans, president, Montebello, Honors program), etc..  You may refer to any of the readings we have had so far, including Washington, Du Bois, and Hughes.  Please, however, be as clear as possible in your citation of any sources.  You are also encouraged to be as specific as possible in the details you introduce to support your claims.