Dr. L. Adam Mekler 
English 102: 4 (Online)
Fall 2019
Office: Holmes 228
Phone:  (443) 885-4032
Email: adam.mekler@morgan.edu
** Any revisions to this syllabus will be posted on Canvas. **

Students must visit Canvas regularly and be sure to check their account settings to allow announcements to be received from Canvas.
 All announcements posted on Canvas are officially binding for all students, whether they check Canvas or not.
Students are also responsible for all information posted on Canvas, including, but not limited to, the participation policy and the plagiarism policy.

Required Texts :
Shelley, Frankenstein, Broadview, 2nd Edition (F) [available as a pdf in Canvas]
Bullock, et al., The Little Seagull Handbook, 3rd Edition (LSH)[available in the bookstore and for electronic access in Canvas]

Required Technology:
Computer with microphone and camera

Purpose of Course:
This course will help you develop your writing skills, which, as we shall see, is intricately linked to the reading process. This course will allow you to apply these skills to the critical and analytical discussion of texts, from a wide variety of perspectives.

Course Requirements:
Participation. Because writing can be a troublesome task, it is useful to discuss it with other people who may be having similar problems or who may have helpful advice to share. Because ours is an online course, it is especially important for students to engage with their colleagues and instructor through discussion sessions and message boards on Canvas. There will specific assigned peer-interaction assignments, participation in which is required.

Reading Assignments. It is important to be prepared for class discussions. For this reason, you must complete all reading assignments before the posted deadlines and to submit all assigned discussion questions for the readings in a timely manner.

Writing Assignments. There will be one (1) brief essay, 3-4 pages long (minimum 800 words) and one (1) research paper, 8 to 10 pages long (2000 word minimum), that also includes a list of works cited consisting of at least 8 documented sources, 6 of which are secondary sources. Students may use the same topic for both papers, but they are not required to do so.

Other Assignments. There will be a collection of grammar exercises available through our class home page in Blackboard. Although completion of these assignments is not required, it is strongly recommended. Individual students may have particular groups of exercises recommended for them.

Statement on Americans with Disabilities Act. If you require an accommodation due to a disability, please contact the Office of Student Disability Support Services (SDSS) to register. More information regarding the intake procedure can be found on the SDSS website: http://www.morgan.edu/SDSS. It is your responsibility to request an accommodation from SDSS before or at the beginning of the semester.

Extra-Credit Grammar Exercises
5 %
Library Exercise
5 %
10 %
Homework Responses
10 %
Critical Response Paper 10 %
Library Assignment, Part One
10 %
Library Assignment, Part Two
10 %
Final Examination 20 %
MLA-style Research Paper 25 %

Assignment List (Subject to Subtle Revision):
Course Introduction 

Self-Introduction Video Due
Departmental Syllabus Receipt Form due

Grammar Review Exercise due

Format Guidelines
Writing Contexts, LSH:  2-8
Formatting a Paper, LSH: 158-69
Watch Video discussing the Annotated Grammar Review Exercise

Avoiding Plagiarism, LSH: 107-18
MLA Documentation, LSH: 119-58

Reading Strategies, LSH: 83-88
Writing About Literature, LSH: 62-65
Responses to the HW Questions due in Canvas as an MS Word document
Corrected Grammar Review Exercise due in Canvas as an MS Word document
Sept 2
Doing Research, LSH: 90-102
Evaluating Sources, LSH: 102-15
Watch Video Discussion of Doing Research

Library Exercise due

6 Frankenstein, Editorís Introduction, ix-xviii
F, Authorís Preface, 47-48
1831 Introduction, 353-59
HW Questions due

Discussion Postings due
** Literary Terms Quiz **

F, Vol. I, 45-115
HW Questions due 

Discussion Postings due

F, Vol. II, 117-74
HW Questions due

Discussion Postings due

27 F, Vol. III, 175-244
HW Questions due

30 Discussion Postings due
Research Paper Topics due
Oct 2
Lipking, 416-34
HW Questions due

Discussion Postings due

Mellor, (F): 355-68
HW Questions due 

Discussion Postings due

Read the Sample Outline and submit your responses to it .

9 Synthesizing Ideas/Integrating Sources, LSH: 105-18
Quote Incorporation Exercise

Critical Response Paper Outline due

Read Sample Critical Response Paper and submit editing sheet

Critical Response Paper with Revised Outline due

Read Sample Library Assignment

Student Conferences

Library Assignment due
Last Day to Drop Undergraduate Classes

Quote Incorporation Exercise due
Peer Editing Sheets for the Library Assignment due
Nov 1
Revised Critical Response Paper due

Read Sample Library Paper

Library Assignment, Part 2 (Library Paper) due 
Final Deadline for Research Paper Topic Approval

Peer Editing Sheets for the Library Assignment pt. 2 (Library Paper) due

Quote Incorporation Exercise and Discussion Postings due

Outlines for Research Papers due

Peer Editing Sheets for the Research Paper Outline due

Research Paper with Revised Outline due  (2000 words min.)

Student Conferences

** Happy Thanksgiving !**
Dec 4
Final Research Paper Due
** Last Day to Submit Assignments or Excuses for Absences/Lates **

Final Exam