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Our Final Exam will be held
on Wednesday, May 19,
at 10:00 am
in our classroom, NCC 105.
Please be sure to bring #2 pencils with you.
** Attention **
 The sample outline and essay for class on Wednesday, May 12, can be found here
Here they are in the previous version of Word.

Zora Neale Hurston:
"Characteristics of Negro Expression" Questions
On-line Essay
"Sweat" Questions
"Gilded Six-Bits" Questions
Wall Introduction Q's
Both Stories (Interesting Site)
In-Class Essay 
Critical Response Paper
Sample OutlineSample Paper
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Their Eyes Were Watching God:

Their Eyes Q's
Washington Q's
Ferguson Q's (See Essay )
Haurykiewicz Q's (See Essay )
Their Eyes In-Class Essay Topics
Their Eyes Paper Assignment

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