English 102
Final Exam Review
(Subject to Subtle Revision)

There are fifty-five (55) questions on the exam.  These questions are broken down into two sections.

Section One has six parts:

A. The Essay (10 True or False Questions)
B. Unity and Coherence (2 Multiple Choice Questions)
C. Research Skills (6 True or False Questions)
D. Elements of Narrative/Literary Terms (5 Multiple Choice Questions)
E. General Research (12 Multiple Choice Questions)
F. General Documentation and Citation (10 True or False Questions)

The questions dealing with researching and writing the research paper are derived from the Little Seagull Handbook textbook.

The questions dealing with literary terms will require knowledge of such terms as the following:
irony tone paradox / oxymoron theme
symbol / symbolism  metaphor  simile character
plot: conflict climax / denouement exposition
point of view: omniscient objective selective omniscient
setting mood foreshadowing character
rhyme rhythm imagery

Section Two has one part:

A.  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

These questions will come from the on-line homework questions for the readings.