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English 101.28
Fall 2020
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Required Texts:

Required Technology:
Computer with microphone and camera

Course Description:
All of us have stories in our lives—our own stories, our mother’s stories, the stories of our siblings, and grandparents, and cousins, and friends.  Stories represent one of the most basic learning strategies: we participate in a story in the making, or we listen to our family stories, and thereby learn our history, and our lessons.

We all tend to take our stories seriously, even if we do not write them down.  In this English 101 course, we will learn and practice academic writing by using stories as a foundation for the academic writing process.  We will read texts from literature and popular culture that involve and use as examples some of the kinds of stories that writers like our group might tell.  Using these readings as text and as example, we will study and practice expository writing, using the stories we have read, and the stories we know from our own lives. 

This course will engage students in identifying how their stories relate to academic disciplines, and will encourage students to match their interests and experiences to disciplines, while developing communication and writing skills.

Course Requirements:
Attendance/Participation. Because writing can be a troublesome task, it is useful to discuss it with other people who may be having similar problems or who may have helpful advice to share. Because ours was originally a face-to-face course, we will still meet regularly through Google Meet and students will be expected to participate in class discussions. (Please see the official attendance policy here). However, as a part of a remote course,  students will also have the opportunity to engage with their colleagues and instructor through discussion sessions and message boards on Canvas. In other words, if you are not able to contribute to live class discussions, you can still receive credit for participating by utilizing online options.

Reading Assignments. It is important to be prepared for class discussions. For this reason, you must complete all reading assignments before class and you will be expected to submit written responses to any assigned discussion questions for the readings at the beginning of class. Writing Assignments. There will be four (4) papers (800 word minimum each), demonstrating the four principles of writing as discussed in class: unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. Student Conferences will be held at two times during the semester to address needs specific to each student regarding assigned papers.

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Reading List (Subject to Subtle Revision):

Sept 9
Course Introduction
For Wednesday: Print out departmental syllabus here
and complete a receipt form .

Reading Assignment Due: LSH: W-1 and W-2, pp. 2-8

Reading Assignment Due: LSH: Personal Narrative, 58-61

Last Day to Drop Classes with Grade of "W"

Writing Sample

Homework Assignment: Upload "Personal Narrative Example" (song, book, etc.. that tells a story to which you can relate)
Grammar Review Exercise

Discussion of Personal Narrative examples

Discussion of Grammar Review Exercise

Walker, "Everyday Use"
Submit Responses to Homework Q's

28 Fragments, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences: LSH: 269-81, 317-21

30 Four Principles of Writing
Writing Processes: LSH: 9-16
Oct 2
Verbs: LSH: 322-34
Corrected Grammar Review Exercise Due

Discussion of Paper One (Personal Narrative Essay): Outlines
Argument, LSH: 43-48
Exploration of Subject Assignment Due

Agreement and Pronouns: LSH: 281-91, 334-45
Complete Exercise 2 on pge. 375
Complete Exercise S-6b on pge. 377

Developing Paragraphs: LSH:17-29
"Peer Editing Session"

12 Discussion of Sample Paper One
Parallelism, Coordination, Subordination: LSH: 345-49
Complete Exercise S-7 on pge. 380

Paper One Due
"Peer Editing Session"

Conferences: No Class

Conferences: No Class

Frederick Douglass, "Learning to Read and Write"
Complete "For Discussion and Writing" Q's 1-2

Prepositions: LSH: 366-67
Complete Exercise L-5 on pp. 390-91

Malcolm X, "Literacy Behind Bars"
Complete "Engaging with the Text" Q's 1-4

Unnecessary Words and Modifiers: LSH: 368-73
Complete Exercise L-6 on pge. 391
Complete Exercise L-7c on pp. 395-96
Revised Paper One Due

30 Walker, "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens"
Nov 2
Punctuation: LSH: 386-408
Complete Exercise P-1a-b on pge. 404
Complete Exercise P-1j on pge. 408

Punctuation, cont.
Complete Exercise P-4f on pge. 414
Complete Exercise P-6a on pge. 417
 Deadline to submit corrected Grammar Review Exercise

Rhetorical Analysis: LSH: 49-53
Discussion of Essay Two (Rhetorical Analysis Essay)

Grammar Examination Due

Discussion of Paper Two
Read Sample Outline and Essay

Paper Two Due
"Peer Editing Session"

Discussion of Student Sample Essay Two
Last Day to Drop Classes

Conferences: No Class

Conferences: No Class

Literary Analysis: LSH: 62-65
Dunbar, "Sympathy"
Submit responses to Discussion Questions

Angelou, from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, pp.1-9
Submit responses to Discussion Questions
Revised Paper Two Due

Sample Essay Three: Option One Reading
Complete an Editing Sheet
 and submit it to Canvas before class.

27 Thanksgiving Break-No Class

Discussion of TV News and the Civil Rights Struggle
Dec 2
Discussion of Paper Three: Option Two

Sample Essay: Option Two Reading

Paper Three (Literary Analysis or Media Analysis) Due
"Peer Editing Session"

9 Discussion of Paper Three, cont.

Final Exam Review
Revised Paper Three Due
Last Day to Submit Assignments or Excuses for Absences/Lates

Final Exam

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